Rubix Design offers skilled 3D design and modelling services. Our experienced staff utilize trade knowledge to ensure that your projects are completed with success, accuracy, and are feasible to manufacture.



We use the latest technology across a range of CAD platforms to develop your required Mechanical components and assemblies.
Our drafting and design team has a diverse range of industry experience and specialize in developing your concepts and designs into market ready solutions.

Rubix design laser scan 011.jpg

laser scanning is the fastest way to capture complex and large geometries. We have the capability to reach up to 350m with a single scan.
With an accuracy of +/- 2mm and quick scan times it is a perfect solution to reduce machine down time ensuring every measurement is captured. 

CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine),

Rubix Design use  this process for intricate and precise components. CMM arms are an accurate tool commonly used in machine shops and aerospace industries for reverse engineering and quality control.​

With an accuracy of 0.1mm on scan head and 0.05 with probe we can quickly and accurately reverse engineer or batch check quality of manufactured parts.

Reverse engineered CAD model

CMM Axle scan completed by our team



We are skilled operators of Solidworks and understand your CAD needs.
We can efficiently model designs and make modifications to suit your requests. Our laser scanning techniques allow us to capture and re-engineer designs to produce accurate models. 

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