Wear Packages.

Rubix Design was awarded a preferred supply agreement by Downer mining in early 2017. Rubix Design undertakes a host of scanning, design and drafting projects for Downer's digger attachments in order to optimize and standardize the design of their wear packages to improve digger up-time and efficiency.

Rubix design face shovel downer mining 0


Modify Engine modules


Rubix Design assists with engine upgrades for KOMATSU dump trucks for various mining clients across Australia.

The upgrade to the MCRS high-pressure modular common rail fuel injection system greatly improves fuel consumption for applicable trucks.

Rubix Design modifies and repairs existing engine modules and fan guarding before installation of the MCRS engine.

Rubix design modules komatsu.167.png

Design, Simulate & Render Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)

YDG Technologies came to us with an innovative wind turbine concept that required some advanced modelling and CFD to bring the concept to life. The design featured a host of aerodynamic shapes, molds, springs, linkages and jigs all made from lightweight exotic materials. The complete assembly features over 500 components and stands 20m in height and has a 6m span

Rubix design vertical axis wind turbine.


Rubix design emulsion tank.png


80kL Emulsion Tank

QSM engaged with Rubix Design to design, engineer and draft plans for an 80kL emulsion tank heading to various mine sites around Australia. The design included various pumps, plumbing, tanks and access components.

The design was validated against wind loading, overall structural integrity and lifting/lashing scenarios

Rubix design 3d Scan and reverse model D


3D Scan and model Drill Rig

OX Engineering handle the maintenance for FMG’s Water Bore division. Rubix Design was contracted to scan and model one of their drill rigs to allow OX Engineering to make improvements to the rig. Broken into three main components; Rig base, Mast, Rotation head(s) we were able to scan, model and create a working assembly of the machine allowing their in-house engineering team to easily design the necessary modifications.

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